Hello, my name is Suzanne Fellows.

There are three paths to my creative life; art, music and food. They intermingle and flow back and forth, round and round. I see them that way – as circles: a Teal, Cadmium Yellow and Quinacridone Magenta color-wheel, a song from melody, harmony and lyrics.

When I was a child my family would travel back to West Virginia where all the grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins still lived. In the car my dad taught us songs he learned from his dad, many that I still sing today: Bye Bye Blackbird, You Are My Sunshine, Sentimental Journey… In August when the corn and tomatoes taste the best, we would stay at a cabin on the Greenbriar River. My mother would paint, my dad would fix things and my sisters and I would play in the river in inner-tubes or the canoe, and pick wildflowers in the field and blackberries and raspberries that grew wild along the railroad track and roast marshmallows, and draw, and sing.

My obsession with flavorful cooking and the discovery of lost fairy tales has led to the most incredible vegetable garden this summer, full of beautiful shapes that in turn become linocut plates. Radishes, arugula, zucchini blossoms, the bunnies in the alley…